The Metropet

Pet sitting in West Seattle


Cat Care


Most kitties prefer to stay at home and let you do the traveling. Each visit includes feeding, litter box duty, cuddles and play time.

Dog Sitting in your home

Leaving your pooch at home while you travel may ease stress and keep them healthy. Customize several visits a day for exercise, food, and love. 

Mid-Day Dog Walks

If you work long hours or have  an energetic pup, a bathroom break or a long walk can make a day home alone seem a little less lonely. 


About Us

Because your furry family members deserve the best


 It's not easy to work full time and also have happy pets. The Metro Pet is designed to help  pet owners to manage it all.  Whether it's a mid-day break, or  around the clock care while you are out of town, I can help! 

Owner Operated since 2006


 The Metropet is licensed, bonded, insured, and a member of Pet Sitters Associates. Check out my five stars review on Yelp

About me


  I live in West Seattle with my three dogs, Riley, Richard Parker, and Emmett, and a cat named Belle.  Caring for pets has always been my passion, and I couldn't be happier that it's also my full  time job!